Our Services


Market Intelligence & Product Planning

We conduct in-depth market research and analysis to provide you with accurate market trends and competitor analysis, helping you grasp the pulse of the market. Meanwhile, our product planning team will tailor unique and eye-catching jewelry designs for you based on market demand and consumer preferences.


Design & Prototyping (CAD/CAM)

We have advanced CAD/CAM technology that can transform your ideas and concepts into exquisite jewelry designs. Whether you are seeking custom jewelry or developing new product lines, our team will work closely with you to ensure that each piece reflects unique beauty and quality.


Materials Sourcing

We make all our jewelry sustainably, using recycled materials and doing our part to protect the environment. We are also committed to ethical global sourcing of diamonds and gemstones, ensuring that every stone meets strict ethical standards.


Jewelry Production

We have many years of jewelry manufacturing experience and are equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, committed to creating high-quality and exquisite jewelry. Whether it’s custom jewelry or mass production, we adhere to the highest standards and strict quality control to present you with stunning jewelry.


Packaging & Shipping

Our meticulously designed packaging will ensure that your jewelry arrives safely during transit. Additionally, we partner with reputable logistics companies to provide you with efficient and reliable courier services.


At Mercery, we understand the power of visual storytelling in conveying the beauty and elegance of our exquisite jewelry pieces. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our Visual Creatives Service, a comprehensive offering designed to enhance your jewelry experience like never before.

Our Visual Creatives Service is more than just photography; it’s a holistic approach to capturing the essence and allure of our jewelry collections. From stunning product shots to captivating lifestyle imagery, we collaborate with a team of talented photographers, stylists, and creative professionals to bring our jewelry to life in a visually compelling way.

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